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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

rocket writing

Once upon a time there was a kid that was named Jeff. One day he got kidnapped and found himself at a science lab. He was just a petrified kid. 2 decades had passed Jeff was 32, he started to miss home so he decided to escape. He was so furious he spent 2 months planning his escape and he went over it one more time, he would wait for the people to bring him his food but he would hide behind the door. The people would not see him they would they would have to come in, Jeff hoped that they would leave the door open if not, he would knock them out and steal the key card then open the door. The people did not know that Jeff stole a map of the building. It was time, goosebumps ran threw his body.

All was going to plan until he saw something a gate that looked like lasers Jeff took a jump, get it done fast he fort. He jumped nothing until he felt a thud on the top of his head, he couldn't move he was stuck he was huge. Jeff felt enraged and a bit blue he was scared. If he did get back his parents would think that he was a monster, then Jeff remembered a horrible thought, he did not know where his parents lived… back to the cell? He kept crawling, he found a tall room at the end a small elevator, at least in his eyes. Jeff bent down and pressed the button, the door opened ding. How did he fit in the elevator, know one knows. He was on the roof. He was a bit existed and did a flip BANG, he did the flip but he face planted. Since then Jeff has been doing naked yoga on the white house, and also has been on the run gathering parts to                          make him back to normal size. But that's a story of another day. The end

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