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Sunday, 10 September 2017


Can you remember a bad time where you go to coldest place in the world in shorts or your promised Mcdonalds and you get a salad or even your parents tell you to walk the dog and they make you walk 20 km. Yea those times.

There was this one time where I was coming home from school on a Wednesday afternoon and I was very hot, and the sun was scorching so I decided “ hey I think I’ll get a milkshake from that nice cafe down the road”. I asked my mum and she said “maybe your brother and I should go with you it will also be a good way for the dog to get some exercise”. I unwilling agreed and then we were off.
I zapped to the store as fast as I could when we got there I was puffed out of breath, now guess what happened the store was closed. Dun Dun Dunnnn. My head exploded boom pow crash. Most people would super annoyed but not me not now. I just wanted to get home, why you ask? Well let's just say the toilet was calling my name.

Now do you ever had that place you need to be and there's seriously bad traffic.

So this goes back to May 19th my birthday party. I live on gardeners rd so I'm basically next door neighbor's with willowbank and my party was at mega air so already a long drive, but that's not all, why, because there was nightmare traffic! I kid you not I was in the car for one hour instead of maybe 15 minutes or so. But that's not all oh no I had to wait in the car on the highway patiently waiting for my birthday party. But of course when I'm at my birthday party I of course I pull a mussel. Mussel went boom  I just new jumping so high was a bad idea but you can't blame me for being so cool and good at stuff  for proof

Did you know that that was bad but 99.9 people have experienced the car breaking down for example.
My story starts with about 20 cars going past us in the span of five minutes. So me being an extrovert waved my hands around like a big mad man like this.fff Oh and did I mention that we were in a Land Rover a big car, and of course when a car does come it's a small car, and it's not powerful enough to power up our car again. And don't worry we didn't need to run home a big truck did end up helping us we, and we're ok but it did take about an hour …

So the moral of the story is things don't always go your way. And sometimes it can go really really bad but I have to go I think that the toilet is calling my name again

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