Science journal

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science journal 2

On the second week we did experiments with balloons so we made balloon rockets. On the first time we had a string going up on an angle for some strange reason the balloon went up a lot faster and easier than other times. We also had a straw we tapped the balloon on for force more on that later, later on that week everyone taped a piece of paper somewhere on the balloon. On the second week we had know straws but my group was smart we used part of a pen like the part where the grip is. I think we did this experiment to learn about force if you don't know force is it can be a push or a pull and force is keeping us on the earth and standing up in this experiment we had the air pushing with Air Force and not the plane type the air is making force and later on in the experiment adding the paper made it have extra force pushing it the other way, something like gravity is a force, everything on earth has some type of force acting on it. I think my group was relational because we thought of ways could make it go fervour.

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