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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Character description

 Timmy is your normal teenager with a cool hairstyle slanted over his left eye like an eyepatch and his hair is as blue as the ocean. He's your average teenager, same height, same stance and quite skinny. He likes to wear shorts and striped t-shirts and he likes the colours black and blue. He has blueberries and his light pink skin is the colour of a little pig.

Timmy loves to run, he can run 100 miles per hour but he runs fastest when he wants to get a new hairstyle. He’ll do anything to his hair, change the colour or style, anything he'll do it.  Timmy lives in a hillside village. He has a secret hiding spot where he meets up with friends after school. Timmy has a bit of a strange talent, he can perfectly crack open walnuts with his head, his hands, with his feet and anywhere you can think. When Timmy hangs out he does it with his best friends Johnny, Tommy, and Bobby. 

Timmy likes to talk. He says to his friends “Come on guys”.   People say that's his catchphrase and it pretty much is. When Timmy talks he can be the happiest guy around. That's because he is friendly and gives compliments to people.  He talks as fast as a race car, you can never keep up. If you think he has an accent you must need hearing aides because he has the clearest voice ever.

Timmy’s friends are called Johnny, Tommy and Bobby. Timmy always makes his friends laugh. Timmy's quite the comedian, all his friends think so. He wants to perform at the comedy club around his hillside village when he's old enough, and also has the world's biggest pineapple it's 20 feet tall.

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