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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Discovery time reflection

One of the activities that I enjoyed the most was making a house with lots of different materials with Chloe. Another activity that I enjoyed was making flextangles. Doing the flextangles I needed to think of what I was going to do. I needed to overcome lots of challenges just like when I was folding my flextangle I needed to get all the folding right. To overcome these challenges I asked for help and how other people were doing it. I learnt how to make a flextangle and how to fold better.

The key competencies that I struggled with the most was taking time to work things out. If I think that I will do something I will, JUST DO IT!!!  Now I think of what I want to do before I do it and I get organised. A key competency that I improved the most at was probably helping and cooperating with others. As Chloe and I made the house together we had to make a lot of decisions.  

Overall the things that I have learnt are pretty cool like how to make a flextangle, a house and everything else. I am excited for discovery in term 4.

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