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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Waking up

When I woke up it felt like midnight. Mum was there she had woken me up by tickling me. I was not quite awake. I looked out the window to a freezing field and tuned into mum telling me to not make my bed for this and that reason. I judged that I was going to go back to sleep but I didn't. I knew that my brother had been in my room because of the mess. I almost went back to sleep but I told myself that today was back to school. I felt so tired but I did my morning routine - got dressed, brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast.

Breakfast was marmite and cheese on some toast, just the usual. After I had watched some TV we jumped in the car and dashed off. Noah had to be annoying me with is singing and hitting. Ten minutes later we got to school. 

School started and I was ready. Mrs Jones called us to the mat. She explained we were starting a new piece of writing about how we woke up in the morning, so here I am now writing this.

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