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Sunday, 11 September 2016

My speech

Technology is a time wasting, addictive piece of junk that can make you super lazy.  Think of all the things you’re missing when you’re inside using technology….flowers, people, art, our new city, fresh air.  Technology is taking over us and the rest of the world. If you don't know what I mean you have come to the right place. Listen here and you will see what I mean… 

Technology can be bad even in the most simple things such as an iPhone. Yes I know what you're thinking - not an iPhone! Yes, an iPhone. Me being the sporty kid that I am, participate in sport. My mum does too. It was her race in a couple of minutes and she was getting ready, at least that's what we thought. We started wondering ... what is she doing?
I ran to the car and Mum was there. But what was she doing you may ask…? On her phone of course!  Grrrrr! Tec is taking over!

We all love games …. tag, crazy tag. But what about computer games?
Some are not bad like Minecraft or Sumdog but what about games like hitman?  Meet Yandere simulator. The aim of this game is to kill, yes kill all of your rivals so your Sendai (boyfriend) will love you. In the game you need to clean up all of the evidence that proves you committed a crime. And if that is not enough you have clear up the evidence by killing a kitten, burying a corpse, and putting the dead kitten on top so the police dogs don't find the body. We can not keep playing these ridiculous time wasting games.

I bet that you know Pokemon Go. This is taking over our lives. The game became the most popular app within for days of its release - WOW.   But  in those four days terrible things have happened.   For instance a YouTuber named Alex Rimara witnessed murder. Let me was two in the morning and Alex was going to the nearest poke stop behind a church.   Outside was a black truck, Alex thought that the man in the truck was playing Pokemon Go too because why else would he be up at two in the morning? All was going well until a body inside the truck got stabbed.  The man was dead. The driver in the truck noticed Alex and Alex knew this so he drove off. The man followed him.  Alex quickly dialed 911 to inform the police of what had just happened. The police thought that Alex was the murderer. Why I don't know. Gee tech causes unnecessary problem.    

Just think for a second... has something like this happened to you ?  The fact is that we are getting addicted to technology. Do you use technology as a time waster, an excuse to avoid learning, a way to avoid enjoying the outdoors?  Put your techie device down and go and have some fun playing on a scooter or reading a book.  Be a kid!!! Remember tec is taking over and you can do something to prevent this.

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