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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term we made a soundscape… A soundscape is music put together to make music, memories and emotions. I made a soundscape to go with the holiday I had in Kaiteriteri.

I learnt… different tempo, beat and pitch can change a song completely.   For instant my soundscape starts off relaxing and then it's bulging and loud - that's the dynamics and tempo. If you don't understand  my dynamics changes from quiet to loud. Then the pitch goes from low to high, it makes it more bulging and loud. 
Other things that go into a soundscape include timber, beat, rhythm and tempo. I made all of my music on an app called GarageBand. This app allows you to use musical instruments and tunes which you can put together to make a soundscape.

My next step to teach others how use garageband to make a soundscape and to seek feedback on how to improve my soundscape.

Here is my soundscape

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