Science journal

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

rocket writing

Once upon a time there was a kid that was named Jeff. One day he got kidnapped and found himself at a science lab. He was just a petrified kid. 2 decades had passed Jeff was 32, he started to miss home so he decided to escape. He was so furious he spent 2 months planning his escape and he went over it one more time, he would wait for the people to bring him his food but he would hide behind the door. The people would not see him they would they would have to come in, Jeff hoped that they would leave the door open if not, he would knock them out and steal the key card then open the door. The people did not know that Jeff stole a map of the building. It was time, goosebumps ran threw his body.

All was going to plan until he saw something a gate that looked like lasers Jeff took a jump, get it done fast he fort. He jumped nothing until he felt a thud on the top of his head, he couldn't move he was stuck he was huge. Jeff felt enraged and a bit blue he was scared. If he did get back his parents would think that he was a monster, then Jeff remembered a horrible thought, he did not know where his parents lived… back to the cell? He kept crawling, he found a tall room at the end a small elevator, at least in his eyes. Jeff bent down and pressed the button, the door opened ding. How did he fit in the elevator, know one knows. He was on the roof. He was a bit existed and did a flip BANG, he did the flip but he face planted. Since then Jeff has been doing naked yoga on the white house, and also has been on the run gathering parts to                          make him back to normal size. But that's a story of another day. The end

Sunday, 10 September 2017


Can you remember a bad time where you go to coldest place in the world in shorts or your promised Mcdonalds and you get a salad or even your parents tell you to walk the dog and they make you walk 20 km. Yea those times.

There was this one time where I was coming home from school on a Wednesday afternoon and I was very hot, and the sun was scorching so I decided “ hey I think I’ll get a milkshake from that nice cafe down the road”. I asked my mum and she said “maybe your brother and I should go with you it will also be a good way for the dog to get some exercise”. I unwilling agreed and then we were off.
I zapped to the store as fast as I could when we got there I was puffed out of breath, now guess what happened the store was closed. Dun Dun Dunnnn. My head exploded boom pow crash. Most people would super annoyed but not me not now. I just wanted to get home, why you ask? Well let's just say the toilet was calling my name.

Now do you ever had that place you need to be and there's seriously bad traffic.

So this goes back to May 19th my birthday party. I live on gardeners rd so I'm basically next door neighbor's with willowbank and my party was at mega air so already a long drive, but that's not all, why, because there was nightmare traffic! I kid you not I was in the car for one hour instead of maybe 15 minutes or so. But that's not all oh no I had to wait in the car on the highway patiently waiting for my birthday party. But of course when I'm at my birthday party I of course I pull a mussel. Mussel went boom  I just new jumping so high was a bad idea but you can't blame me for being so cool and good at stuff  for proof

Did you know that that was bad but 99.9 people have experienced the car breaking down for example.
My story starts with about 20 cars going past us in the span of five minutes. So me being an extrovert waved my hands around like a big mad man like this.fff Oh and did I mention that we were in a Land Rover a big car, and of course when a car does come it's a small car, and it's not powerful enough to power up our car again. And don't worry we didn't need to run home a big truck did end up helping us we, and we're ok but it did take about an hour …

So the moral of the story is things don't always go your way. And sometimes it can go really really bad but I have to go I think that the toilet is calling my name again

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Science journal week 6

This week we have been working on 3 different types of projectiles.The first one is angle launchers, then slingshot rocket and the final one is flipping frogs.

Slingshot rocket 
For one of the activities we made slingshot rockets out of masking tape, paddle pop sticks, elastic bands, straws, paper clips, blue tack and cardboard. I found that it went a lot further when you flick your wrist as you fire it, because if you don’t flick your wrist it gets caught in the elastic band. 

Angle launchers
So this week and the previous weeks, we have been testing a projectile launcher called the angle launcher. The angle launcher like in its name, it has to have an angle and there is a mini firing stick. The angle launcher goes up to 90 degrees as it's max angle which practically means if you put it on 90 degrees it will go straight up. My group has been recording its best length. My group decided that we shouldn't count to where it rolls to so we decided that we should just measure of where it lands instead. To load it you would have to put the ball in the angle launcher and then there was a stick that you would have to push it in and there were 3 options: the first one was to push it into short distance, the second option was to put it into medium distance and the last option was to put it into long distance. The forces that were acting on it was a push force to load it and a push force to launch the projectile.

Flipping frogs
Another thing we did was making our own frogs powered by elastic potential energy they can made simply. There is a rubber that builds up elastic potential energy to make the frogs fly in the air, the elastic potential energy is builds up by the rubber band stretching, when let go the energy goes onto the cardboard making friction then gravity makes the frog fly up. I wonder why the drag does not make the frog stay on the ground? Other thoughts, does making the frog smaller make the frog go higher? Does changing the cardboard, rubber band or strength make the frog go higher? 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Science journal week 5

This week we have been studying the trebuchet and the onager and we have found out what is the same and different.

We found out that the onager is powered by torsion and the trebuchet is powered by gravity. The trebuchet is a lot bigger than onager and it fires a lot further than the trebuchet. The onager is faster and more powerful than the trebuchet. The trebuchet has a higher arch than the onager because it has a longer arm than the onager.

As there are differences we found out that they are both are designed to do some heavy damage. They both are made to smash through walls with stuff like boulders and occasionally objects that can be set on fire but the onager is made to take down walls while the trebuchet is made to go over walls. We used tennis balls and they both went for around 30 meters. That was the strongest thing we had access to. Both also have a sling, a place for the projectile to sit, a ball most of the time but sometimes something similar to shotput.

In conclusion we found out that there were a lot of similarities and lots of differences. I wonder if the onager and trebuchet would be designed differently now days?

science journal week 4

In week four we observed what forces acted on a trebuchet. First we found out if adding more weight made the projectile go further, I predicted that adding more weights made it go fervor and I was correct. I think that was because adding more weight was increasing the force going down to make it more powerful so that made it so the force going down was so strong that when the force going up was ready the weight and force going down made the arm on the trebuchet go up so fast it made the projectile go further and faster. I think that I am relational because I gather data demonstrating that adding weight makes the arm go faster with force. I think my learning for inferring is relational because I made an inference that the arm of the trebuchet is probably forced up by the amount of weight from the fishing weights.

Science journal week 3

On the third week we did the balloon experiment again but this time we had fish wire. We used the fish wire to change the amount of friction acting on the balloon. We had the wire going from the monkey bars to the rope climbing wall, we had the balloon going up to see if it changed the speed but for some strange reason the balloon kept looping around the wire. I think that was because the wire was loose but no matter how much I tightened it still spun maybe it was to steep. That is probably the most because with the acting air plus the force and air resistance on the balloon would make it spin. likely the angle or gradient would change the experiment most likely the amount of force acting for it to go up.I think I am relasonal on the rubric because I thought of what could be making the balloon loop and slowing it down.

Science journal 2

On the second week we did experiments with balloons so we made balloon rockets. On the first time we had a string going up on an angle for some strange reason the balloon went up a lot faster and easier than other times. We also had a straw we tapped the balloon on for force more on that later, later on that week everyone taped a piece of paper somewhere on the balloon. On the second week we had know straws but my group was smart we used part of a pen like the part where the grip is. I think we did this experiment to learn about force if you don't know force is it can be a push or a pull and force is keeping us on the earth and standing up in this experiment we had the air pushing with Air Force and not the plane type the air is making force and later on in the experiment adding the paper made it have extra force pushing it the other way, something like gravity is a force, everything on earth has some type of force acting on it. I think my group was relational because we thought of ways could make it go fervour.